pottery stone diffuser

Our Pottery Stone Diffuser uses ceramics to emulate natural stones.

Drip a few drops of the Diffuser Oil on the stone. As the oil seeps in, the fragrance starts to slowly disperse.

Just like when you bring stones home from the beach, the Pottery Stone Diffuser gives you the feeling of inviting nature into your home. And it has the ability to absorb and diffuse fragrance. It is an objet d’art that can cue the fragrance in motion.

Available in three forms.

KOHGOU Hinoki Plate Diffuser

Kohgou(香合)is a small, two-piece porcelain container designed to hold a piece of the sacred Hinoki(Japanee cypress)wood plate.

When you open the lid, you will see the removable Hinoki wood inside.

This Japanese sacred wood has been used since ancient times to build symbolic structures and traditional arts and crafts.

diffuser oil

The Diffuser Oil is designed to be used on the Pottery Stone Diffuser. It emits fresh fragrance when it touches the stone. Then it takes on a different note as it seeps into the stone. The fragrance is programmed to gradually unfold until the moment when the after note softly subsides.

Available in five fragrances.

diffuser tray

It is a tray designed as a base for the Pottery Stone Diffuser.
This tray enhances the look of the stone as an objet d’art.
It also protects your tabletops and shelves from the oil seeping through.

Available in two finishes that complement the stone: Porcelain and Glass Mirror.


The incense embodies the very essence of elemense in five fragrances that are inspired by the elements in nature. They are designed to touch your soul. As soon as an incense stick is lit, it immediately changes the mood of the space. A room may be used for multiple purposes these days. Lighting incense can immediately switch the ambience of the room.

You can enjoy the fragrance in an enclosed room. Or open your windows and let yourself flow with the fragrance.

The incense burns for about 30 minutes. Savor the clean note and treasure the after effect as the last note fades.

Available in five fragrances.

Acorn Brass Incense Holder

Each item of the elemense product line is not just a finely designed tool. It is also designed to function as a beautiful piece of art.