Have you ever collected stones on the beach?




Take a moment to observe the mundane things in your life, the things you may not normally pay attention to. You may discover that no two shapes are exactly alike. You may find yourself moved by the beauty that is not manmade but created only by the time that had passed.


When you begin to study the shapes you find beautiful, you will inevitably learn that those are the shapes found in nature. You have no idea who created it. You may be the only person who finds a special connection to it. Follow your instinct and select a stone. It will be a priceless piece that is precious only to you.


Our Pottery Stone Diffuser is made of ceramics. Unlike natural stones, it has a unique ability to absorb and release fragrance. The shapes of the ceramic stones are inspired from the countless stones we collected in nature. We gave the Pottery Stone Diffuser a distinct quality. It is a feat achieved by our collaboration with Shigaraki potters who masterfully controlled the magic power of clay and fire. 

It brings me immense pleasure to share the fun of selecting your own favorite stone. 



elemense creative director
Takuhiro Shinomoto