acron brass incense holder

This incense holder resembles the shape of an acorn. It sits at an angle, setting the incense stick diagonally. The falling ash leaves a beautiful trace. It suggests the passing of time as the fragrance gently fades.


The holder is carved out from a brass cylinder. Its beautifully angled design is a result of the meticulous craftsmanship at a workshop in old downtown Tokyo. The incense stick can be inserted on either end of the stand. And the stand can be placed at an angle or can stand up straight. Select your favorite plate to catch the falling ash. It is up to your imagination to create the scene.

One holder, many scenes

The minimalist design of the holder gives you multiple ways to play. You can place it in an angle, like an acorn on the ground, or you can make it stand up straight. An incense stick can be inserted on either end. While the stand may be small in size, the matte effect of the brass adds as a nice accent to your scene.

The trace of fragrance

Light the incense and let the fragrance infuse the air. The fallen ash reminds you of time that had passed as if it suggests the visible form left by the fragrance.

Refined form created from carving

Our acorn incense holders are carved out one by one from brass cylinders. They have a matte finish with no seams. The exquisite spiral lines on the stand are proof of the quality and sensibility of the craftsmen.