diffuser tray

The Diffuser Tray is designed to complement the Pottery Stone Diffuser. It also protects your tabletops or shelves from the oil seeping through. While the stone is made of porcelain that absorbs oil, the oil can still travel to the bottom. The tray blocks the oil from dripping onto the display surfaces, but it also functions as a key element of creating a beautiful scene. The sharp grooves on the Porcelain suggest the tranquility of a Zen Garden. And the reflection of the stone on a Glass Mirror may evoke looking into a pond.

Glass mirror

The cool and modern Glass Mirror reflects any light whether on a sunny day or on a cloudy day, or even the dim light during relaxing. The Glass Mirror reflects the light of the moment.


The porcelain tray is made by Hasami Porcelain in Nagasaki. When you place a stone on the crisp white porcelain tray, you are painting a scene of a natural stone on neatly prepared white sand. Enjoy the tranquil experience.

scent settings

The tray is designed to complement the look of the stone. You can set the stone on top of the tray or use the stone on its own for a more natural look. You can set the scene however you like.