pottery stone diffuser

The Pottery Stone Diffuser has the porous quality of ceramics. Unlike a natural stone, it absorbs the Diffuser Oil to let the fragrance slowly radiate into the air.


Each stone has its own quality, and its cool hue will brighten your space.

We entrusted Shigaraki potters to make the stones. Shigaraki is known as one of the “Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.” The process of kneading clay with water then firing it may sound simple. But the choices made in each stage, from the selection of the clay; how the clay gets mixed with water; the temperature and duration of firing; to how each stone gets finished must be carefully calculated so that the stones can absorb the oil while they maintain the appearance and feel of natural stones. The stones must have durability, functionality, and a beautiful presence. They are a testament to the trial and error endured by the skillful potters.


The selected shapes for the Pottery Stone Diffuser are modeled after the actual stones that were collected on the beach. We only produce limited number of stones for the three forms. Each stone is presented in a box that is numbered. You may want to enjoy creating your own collection of stones.


The firing has to be gauged carefully so the stones do not end up too tight to absorb the oil or too loose to make them fragile. It takes an enormous amount of knowledge and skill by the Shigaraki potters to create stones that are “just right” so they can absorb and hold in the Diffuser Oil.


Will you enjoy the tranquility of one stone or display multiple stones together? Multiple stones can be arranged in a line or stacked up. The stones can be displayed on their own, or they can become part of other displays in your room. They are more than just stones to be used with the Diffuser Oil. How you play with them is up to your imagination.