Aceite para Difusor

Algunas notas olfativas aparecen y desaparecen rápidamente. Más tarde las notas de fondo se mantienen y permanecen. Los aceites desarrollados para el Difusor de Piedra Cerámica ofrecen un bouquet de aromas que se despliegan a varios niveles.

Our perfumers excel at blending science and art. Their sensibility has a huge effect on how the fragrance transforms through time. There is the scent that rises as soon as the oil hits the stone. Then once the oil seeps into the stone, the fragrance starts to slowly radiate, and it goes through a subtle change from the top note to the last note. We at Nippon Kodo are masters of this artistry.

El Aceite para Difusor se presenta en 5 fragancias diferentes inspiradas en 5 elementos de la naturaleza. Esperamos que disfrutes de ellas.

Suou (Madera)
Kiyobi (Fuego)

Nukubai (Tierra)


Tetsukon (Agua)

Nuestras fragancias cumplen con todas las normas europeas y estadounidenses*.

• The IFRA Standards

• EU CLP Legislation

• State of California VOC Regulations


Our fragrances are inspired by the elements in nature to bring you serenity. Pristine and tranquil. Blissful and warm. All to awaken your consciousness. Use the fragrance to set the mood in the room and make you feel refreshed.

Enjoy the transformation

Enjoy the lasting transformation of the fragrance. Depending on the size of the room or the environment, a few drops of Diffuser Oil on the stone will last for a few hours. Even after the fragrance fades, the delicate after note lingers to reinvigorate you.


We want your beautiful experience to start from the moment you drop oil on the stone. Imagine yourself taking this action when welcoming a guest. A simple gesture like this can bring relaxation to you and your guest.