During the 30 minutes while the incense burns, enjoy the transition of fragrance as it delicately unfolds. The base note lasts for the whole duration. Another note rises then fades quickly. Each note is unique, yet the collection of notes blends harmoniously.


elemense incense is available in five fragrances that represent the five elements of “Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water.” These elements are the components of all things in the universe according to the ancient Chinese philosophy of “Five Elements Theory.”


Each fragrance was inspired by the quotations of benefits listed in the “Ten Virtues of Koh.” (The “Ten Virtues of Koh” is an ancient Chinese verse that was introduced to Japan by Ikkyu Sojun, the Zen master of the 16th century.)

The fragrance takes on a visible form

When you observe the smoke as it rises and floats into the air, you start to see it create a form. “Creating a visible form” with the fragrance was what we strived to accomplish with elemense. We hope that the invisible fragrance of our incense will inspire you to imagine a beautiful scene.

The “Ten Virtues of Koh”

Incense has ten benefits. That is the learning from the “Ten Virtues of Koh,” which was introduced to Japan during the Muromachi Period. The ten benefits, each described with four kanji characters, are originally stated in an ancient Chinese verse. These benefits still resonate with us today. We want you to experience our finest selection of fragrances from the rising smoke.

Tools to admire

The tools play a big role in enjoying incense. What you experience from burning incense is the delicate fragrance of the smoke, the upright stance of the incense and the line left by the falling ash. Let us introduce you to the tools in the elemense incense line that complement the ensemble of linear line and fluid shapes. Starting with our “Acorn brass incense holder.”